If you are trying to schedule your infant for a tongue tie consultation, please call our office so we can accommodate you ASAP.

What does a toddler dental checkup look like?

Many parents wonder how their 2 year old is going to sit in a dental chair for a checkup.  For most parents, they imagine a toddler dental visit will look the same as going for their own dental checkup.  Pediatric dentists are specifically trained in techniques to help make a toddler visit age appropriate while […]

What do you mean my child has a cavity?!

A few weeks ago, I was that parent.  My daughter Ayana (age 3) was diagnosed with a cavity by me.  My first thought was, “My child has a cavity!”  I realized that this was not a question I was asking, but a declarative statement of frustration for me as a parent. 

How To Prevent Crying At The Dentist

Lets Talk Tears…
We always try our best to provide our families a smooth experience. However, at certain ages a new setting, new face and simply someone invading your “personal space” can be scary.
Tears at the dentist are never easy. However as a pediatric dental specialist, I have a few tips that will help prevent and if necessary work through crying.