If you are trying to schedule your infant for a tongue tie consultation, please call our office so we can accommodate you ASAP.

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Many parents wonder how their 2 year old is going to sit in a dental chair for a checkup.  For most parents, they imagine a toddler dental visit will look the same as going for their own dental checkup.  Pediatric dentists are specifically trained in techniques to help make a toddler visit age appropriate while still being able to perform an examination, professional cleaning, and fluoride treatment.

What if my toddler cries and fusses?

We don’t expect toddlers to be perfectly behaved for their dental visit.  In fact, we expect some fussing.  After all they are usually too young to fully grasp what we are doing.  Just know that the fussing doesn’t last forever and eventually most children really enjoy coming in for their dental visit.  Most parents are surprised at how well their toddler does at the visit.

What if my toddler doesn’t sit in the chair?

We use a specific knee to knee position at the toddler visit.  This allows the toddler the comfort of sitting in their parents lap while allowing me to take a good look.   This positioning also involves a lot of fun singing to help the time pass quickly.

What kind of cleaning do you do on a toddler?

We use a professional rotary brush (similar to what is used on adults) to make sure we eliminate any plaque and staining.  This also gets your child used to the feeling of a professional cleaning.

How often should I bring my toddler?

Six month checkup visits are recommended to help keep your child familiar with the office and process.  Baby teeth are very porous and changes can happen relatively quickly, so keeping an eye on them every six months ensures they stay healthy.