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Is there something I can use to wean my child from the pacifier?

What do I do about the shape of my child’s jaw and teeth from the pacifier use?

Do I have to wait until my child is older to correct their teeth from pacifier use?


Do you have a child that is using a pacifier?  Pacifiers are commonly used starting in infancy to help soothe a baby.  This is an appropriate measure during young infancy but can quickly become a habit as early as 4 months of age. 


Why is pacifier use a problem?  Pacifier use at any point, but especially beyond 4 months of age changes the shape of the upper jaw (making it narrower), teaches the tongue to live on the bottom of the mouth instead of on the roof of the mouth, and moves the upper teeth forward.  If left for an extended period of time these changes will not naturally reverse and can cause prolonged dental and breathing interferences. 


What if I already see these changes in my childs jaw and teeth?  We would recommend weaning as soon as possible.  This can be done with either the cold turkey technique, cutting the pacifier or by substituting the pacifier for an infant trainer or a myomunchee.


How does an infant trainer and myomunchee work?  Both of these appliances can help your child learn to wean from the pacifier, correct the tongue positioning, spread out the narrowed upper jaw and teach your child to breathe through their nose.  It is a soft appliance that can hook onto a clip similar to the pacifier.  Your child can wear it as much as they like, including during sleep.  The appliance will help wean your child from the pacifier while correcting some of the changes that have already occurred.


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