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Why Laser Dentistry?

For years, most dental offices have relied on traditional tools when working on patient’s teeth.  This typically entailed uncomfortable instruments, noisy drills, and occasionally an unpleasant experience for many patients.  Laser dentistry offers a significant technological advantage for our patients.  Lasers provide patients with more treatment options.  They also give our dentist the opportunity to use less medication (no numbing medication needed), be more precise during procedures (the laser on works on targeting areas), decrease the time of procedures (no waiting time for numbing to work) and reduce the risks of intra oral bleeding and infection(laser cauterizes and eliminates bacteria).

How does a dental laser work?

Dental lasers work by interacting with specific molecules in the teeth and gums.  The Biolase Waterlase (the laser that Dr. Gandhi uses) interacts with the water molecules in the mouth.  The laser only works on the specific targeted tissue, vastly reducing the risk of damaging adjacent structures in the mouth.   Most importantly, since the laser is not heat generating like traditional dental tools, most procedures are more comfortable

What are common procedures performed with a dental laser?     

Lasers have the ability to perform almost all pediatric dental procedures. 

For example, the Waterlase laser can be used to numb a tooth prior to getting a filling done.  This eliminates the need for a shot prior to using a dental drill to remove a cavity.   The laser can also be used as a replacement to the dental drill to remove the cavity and prepare the tooth for a filling or a crown.

The same Waterlase laser can also be used on soft tissue (gums, tongue, cheek, frenulum) for procedures. It can be utilized to help ulcers in the mouth hurt less and heal faster, perform tongue tie release and biopsies.  All with the reduction of bleeding, faster healing and more comfort. 

Is a laser safe for my child?

With appropriate training and precautions, laser dentistry is extremely safe.  We provide special safety glasses for both patients and their parents so everyone is well protected during the process!    

Piya Gandhi, DDS

West U Pediatric Dentistry



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