If you are trying to schedule your infant for a tongue tie consultation, please call our office so we can accommodate you ASAP.


In an age of information overload, at times it becomes difficult to know what is real and what is important when choosing a provider for your child. This holds true when selecting a tongue tie specialist.    It is important for our families to be equipped with the facts to make the best decision for their child. 

Below are some important questions to ask:

1.  What does the consultation process consist of?  Does the doctor do the assessment?

2.  Is there a comprehensive team approach to treatment?

3.  How often and how many procedures does the doctor do?

4.  What tool is used for the procedure?

5.  Is anesthesia used?

6.  What is the success rate of the procedure?

Our goal is to empower parents with knowledge.  Knowing the right questions to ask will
ensure that your child is getting safe and effective treatment.

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